What Science Can And Cannot Do For Bioethics

How many times have I heard the clump-of-cells argument? Many times. How often have I seen, or read, people liken the fetus to a liver, a cancer, or an impersonal mound of tissue? Many times. The argument to dehumanize the fetus is still popular, though I think only popular, and not scholarly.

The recent past has shown me, as Matt Chandler and others have expressed, that though science be on the side of the pro-life movement, it hasn’t actually won much for us. (more…)


The 5 Simple Reasons I’m a Calvinist

I am a Calvinist. This means that my soteriology will be disturbing to some and to others it would be worth celebrating over a pint. However, what it means to me is something that I haven’t had the pleasure of indulging in the years prior to me being a Calvinist. To some, Calvinism (as well as Arminianism, and such) is on the fringes of importance. And they would be right, to some extent. To me, though, how I understand God has affected how I read and interpret life and the degree to which joy is produced. Calvinism has been a thing of joy for me. (more…)

This Reformation Day, I Won’t Be Singing Luther’s Praises

I was thinking today about how we (only sometimes) make superstars and celebrities of Church leaders. You’ve seen the memes of Thug Life John Piper. There are names, now, that come to my mind of great theological minds, influential preachers through the years, talented apologists and the like that I point to as exemplary guides of my faith — my protestant faith. Yet, in the day of YouTube and what I’m seeing as the making cool of denominational affiliation, confessional faith and theological labeling, it is my most honest confession, as a young student of the reformers, that I have at times made idols even of those guides of the faith who would all detest what I (sometimes) make of them. (more…)

ThinkProgress and the US HHS Strategic Plan: Abortion, Contraception and Progressivism

ThinkProgress published an article, penned by Amanda Michelle Gomez, this month entitled “Trump’s Health Department declares that life begins at conception”. It was written in response to a drafted document by the Department of Health and Human Services, pushed forward by the Trump administration, outlining the department’s “priorities”. In one line, the draft mentions that life “begins at conception”. And so a social progressive website, and a host of others, gives a response.

Now, I’d like to respond to their response only because I would like to highlight the inconsistencies and fallacious nature of the Progressive worldview, the worldview that affirms absolute freedom, total equality and all-inclusiveness but is unwilling to define what all of these things mean. Moreover, I’d like to touch on the issue of contraception as it is, I think, relevant to discuss as a moral issue related to that of abortion and it is a problem brought up by Gomez repeatedly in her article. My goal is to examine some of the content of the draft document and engage with the ideas presented by Gomez on abortion, contraception and the progressive counter-perspective. (more…)

The Big Deal About Assisted Dying

I know that, for many, the issue of euthanasia is a grey one. Even for those who are vocally against abortion, some still are not sure what to think about physician assisted suicide or physician assisted death (PAS). And there are pro-choicers who, understanding the disagreement on abortion, can’t fathom why someone, like myself, can be hard and fast against the act of euthanasia. How can assisted dying be so bad? What’s the big deal? Why? These are suffering people that just want the ability and the right to die on their own terms. (more…)

Abortion and Human Rights


The previous week or so saw chaos called Harvey. A stage four hurricane decimating a state and sending millions on the run. In the middle of the mess, this was tweeted by Texas-based organization, Whole Woman’s Health:


This kind of tweet might be met by three reactions:

“Great. Using a natural disaster to gain political points and push your agenda.” [Sarcasm]

“Wow, what a real kind gesture! Surely, pregnant women must be in terrible suffering because of the disaster and must need this support.” [No sarcasm]

“Ridiculous. You can’t correct a disaster with another tragedy.”

My particular response is neither of the three but closest to the third. I would dare say it’s ungodly to further promote the injustice of abortion to those vulnerable, drowning and desperate people. The suffering, no doubt, is immense, however, abortion will not save them or redeem the circumstances. It will not make anything better. It is a false promise. For this reason, and then some, I’d like to respond, without denying the difficulty of pregnancy, by giving my best attempt at a brief defense of the pro-life worldview, the one that I share. To be consistent with the ethic that life is worth saving, especially in disastrous times, we must be pro-life.